Shoulda stood in bed

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I had to explain one of my favourite scenes in my favourite book to someone today..

"Spock," McCoy gasped as they half staggered, half ran down the trembling corridor with the bulky sensor, "I know you won't believe this, but ... in a way, I'm gonna miss this."

The Vulcan glanced at him; for an instant McCoy fancied he perceived something very like nostalgia in Spock's eyes. Then Spock lifted a brow, "I suspect you do not refer to this specific situation."

McCoy groaned with fond aggravation. "Bet you wish you'd stood in bed."

The brown arched even higher. "I see no profit in standing in bed, Doctor. Vulcans sleep lying down."

For a moment McCoy didn't follow; and then he realized that the stress had caused him to use an ungrammatical colloquialism, one he hadn't heard since he was a boy. All the kids in his neighborhood had used "stood" to mean "stayed."

Okay, he almost snapped, so I goofed. Do you have to be so damned lit-

And then he saw the glint in the Vulcan's eye.

"Spock," he said, with dawning amazement, "that was actually funny."

"We do sleep lying down," Spock admitted, his expression perfectly deadpan, but the glimmer of humor was unmistakable.

I had one of those days where everything I touched didn't work, so by the afternoon I was reluctant to start anything that could be broken.

Watching the pilot of Desperate Housewives. Dunno if it's really worth watching though. Anyone seen any more of it?


Richard said:

I watched half the second episode too before giving up on it.

February 2, 2005 5:44 AM


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