New drive

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80 gig drive take two.

Let's hope this one lasts a little longer.
Tomorrow I get to try and recover two weeks of files scattered over wherever I could find space.

Host1 pricing updated again. Only took all day. Blah.

Bed time. (after doing the washing up and washing my hair)


JC said:

Oh I know how you feel about having files strung over various drives. I had 2500 mp3's that I'd ripped from my CD collection, and when I moved some files around to have drive space to render the video (which is still on hold, btw, waiting for money for RAM) the music was high on the priority list. When I tried importing the music back into iTunes, I suddenly had everything in triplicate. When I tried a file sort by date created, all looked well, delete, and oops! Now I have only 500 songs. *sigh* All that time spent ripping.... down the drain.

January 16, 2005 12:22 AM


kazza said:

doh! what a pain! :(

I'll prolly start ripping my cds now that i have the space for it and take compilations to work. Then I'll be wanting an mp3 player for the car.. heh

January 16, 2005 12:29 AM


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