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Got the car back yesterday. $519 later. New clutch, much nicerer and don't have to fight to put it into reverse anymore.
Told Jim off. But he still invited me to lunch. Weird.
Spent all day yesterday on usa pics. Spent all tonight on same. Worried how much I still have to do and how much cleaning I have to do before the weekend, given that will probably be out tomorrow night. Leaves me a whole one night to do *everything*

Unconscious mutterings:

  1. Pistol:: smoking
  2. Rick:: shaw
  3. Full circle:: party
  4. I wish:: sigh
  5. Frame:: photo
  6. Adult:: movie
  7. Photography:: i thought that said pornography.. must have been the adult reference above
  8. Stew:: beef
  9. Cheat:: fraud
  10. Brad:: pitt

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