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F1 F1 F1

FQ1: What happened the last time you needed help?
Well not the last time, but a funny one.. I was standing outside with the car, and called James inside, and simply said F1 F1 F1. Then my battery died, but he figured it out and came out to help me unload the car :)
FQ2: What happened the last time you helped somebody else?
Me? Help someone else? bwwwaaahahahahahah.. ahem.. :)
FQ3: What happened the last time you helped yourself?
How about helping myself to the scrummy food we had a Bruce's farewell today?
FQ ASSIST: Do something to help somebody today! Got a few extra dollars? Donate it to the Tsunami Relief Efforts (like the Red Cross at Amazon) or some other worthy cause. Don't have a few dollars to spare? Take a minute and use a FREE "click-to-donate" site (like The Hunger Site or The Animal Rescue Site. How did you help today?
I didn't donate today, but I did the other week. One of our neighbours is doing Avon stuff and they're doing a "Heart of Asia" pin. Maybe I'll get one of those.

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