Two days

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  • Big(ish) family gathering at the parents yesterday. My uncle's new partner likes the Toohey's ad (the one with the tongue) *and* Dragonheart.. I think I like her.. hehe
  • Painting all day with Ralph today. Much was achieved, at least by him
  • Comment spam has mostly dissipated
  • Downloaded and installed FeedReader to play with reading peoples' blogs by RSS feed (JC I can't seem to find yours and Bren's? and CC I can't find one for you either..)
  • Devastation in South East Asia. When I first heard the reports they were saying only a couple of hundred of people dead, now it's up to 15000 (!!) :(
  • Finally finished categorising my USA pictures. Now I have to decide which of the 3700 photos I want to display publicly


    CC said:

    Now it's almost 24000 and what's an RSS feed? *dumb blank look*

    December 28, 2004 3:45 PM


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