Shoulda stood in bed

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Hailing pixie

I shoulda known when I got up this morning, couldn't keep my eyes open, and had to sleep for another hour that I shoulda just stayed in bed. As it was, today totally sucked ass. Too tired and grumpy to concentrate on anything properly, the boss not helping, and then finding out I'd opened my big mouth and had told someone something I shouldn't have. Not that I knew that at the time - I was under the impression that what I said was a done deal, and she should have known about it, but she hadn't been told and was upset by finding out from me. Complained to the person who should have told her in the first place. Not happy! So today was a complete writeoff.

My weather pixie was ducking under a tonne of hail this afternoon. Even drove through a bunch of it, although fortunately it wasn't too heavy.

Had an owners meeting for the flats tonight. Was going ok until one of the owners and her sister came in late, rather angry about a few things. I really didn't think they handled the situation very well. They were agressive and bordering on defamatory. Pretty sad really, because I would have been interested in what they had to say. As it was, the secretary said the meeting was over (it had been declared over half an hour earlier) and we were all free to go, to which I took the opportunity to watch the last episode of Survivor. Pretty funny outcome to Survivor really. Was definitely not expecting a guy to win after how strong the women's alliance had been most of the way. Even after the last tribal council I couldn't pick who'd win.

Speaking of tv shows.. Nip Tuck is starting again next Monday! A totally ridiculous but amazingly hilarious in places show.

Bought some raspberries tonight... *love* raspberries :):)

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