She's in shorts!

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The temperature in Sydney hit 41°C at the airport today, and my weather pixie put on a new outfit. Low humidity though, so going outside at lunch was bearable. Still trying to work out the pixie algorithm. Even at 41°C, my pixie still has several outfits to go. She also sometimes wears different outfits at the same temperature. And I saw one in Vietnam where she was wearing a swimming cossie at a mere 33°C. I'm guessing relative humidity plays a role in what the pixie wears, rather than just temperature.

Back to looking at replication software today, after procrastinating all I could. Was looking at Double Take today. Expensive, but local support, and fairly good user guides. The alternative is SureSync, which is a lot cheaper, and cheap/easy to configure additional servers, but no local support (although the email support has been fantastic), and the interface isn't quite as nice.

Urgh 11pm and have to do a load of washing. Yayfullness.


Fiona said:

mine was in her one-piece all morning, then changed to her bikini after lunch:)

she's in a dressie now though with cardi. a lil cool?

December 1, 2004 11:03 PM


Yvonne said:

Oh that's IT!! I'm having liposuction to wear that outfit LOL!!

My Pixie always wears black.

December 2, 2004 4:12 PM


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