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For once, a Friday Q topic I don't have to think too much about! :)

FQ1: Describe your morning routine on work/school days, from the time you wake up until you leave.
* get up
* check mail
* have breakfast while reading whatever webpage takes my fancy
* have shower
* brush hair
* have drink of oj and wash up my cereal bowl
* put shoes and socks on
* feed fish

FQ2: Now describe your morning routine on NON-work/school days (weekends, holidays, etc.).
* sleep till whenever I can (unfortunately this is rarely very late)
* waste time on the computer
* delete over quota mailboxes
* eventually get breakfasted/showered/ready

FQ3: And finally, describe your night-time routine before you go to bed.
* check ebay (although I do this when I get home)
* blog - write mine and then read others
* brush teeth
* get into pjs

FQ Fantasy: You've won 100 million dollars in the lottery! Re-write your morning routine one month from now!
Actually if I won 100 million dollars my morning routine wouldn't change much at all. I'd still have to have breakfast and a shower etc.

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