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FQ1: What's an impressive gift ($50 US or less) on your wish list?
See now this is where it gets difficult getting stuff for me. Anything less than $50 I tend to just go and buy if I want it. So whenever people ask when I want for birthdays/christmas etc I have trouble thinking of things. Silly really.
FQ2: What's an expensive gift ($500 US or less) on your wish list?
mmm dvd recorder (with hard drive, to replace my vcr)
FQ3: What's an extravagant gift ($5000 US or less) on your wish list?
Probably a decent home theatre system, everything of mine is second hand and for the most part very old.
FQ Greed: Money is no object! What's the most outrageous gift money can buy on your dream list?
A trip into space.

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