Five to two

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5am. Get up, turn off servers remotely, head into to work to turn off the remaining ones, the upses, the air conditioner, and several other computers around the place run by other people (power outage all day).
6:45am. Go home again and sleep for a couple of hours.
10:00am. Spend a decent chunk of the day cleaning up my hard drive and sorting out backups. Start thinking about the year's final blog entry, then literally half an hour later see Dave has found a meme version.
3:45pm. Head into work to turn everything back on. Ghost a few machines while I have the downtime.
6:45pm. Drop in on Jim and John who are jack hammering Jim's bathroom. Admire the carnage.
7:15pm. Decide the painting we finished yesterday isn't actually finished, and that the cutting in done with the last of the first tin is a different colour to the rollering done with the second tin. Ralph decides to come back down from the central coast to fix it up.
7:30pm. See someone do a u-turn at a traffic light, think "but you can't do that", then feel rather satisfied to see a police car follow them round and pull them over.
7:30pm. Eat dinner and catch up on crap.
9:30pm. Spend the next three hours redoing the cutting in with the correct coloured paint. Decide that the first tin must have been prepared incorrectly, because the new tin matches the kitchen a lot better.
1:20am. Send detailed instructions to the boss on moving some servers, as he wasn't able to make it in today to help me with it.
1:45am. Catch up on blogs. The old fashioned way, since FeedReader lost all it's settings when I moved hard drives.
2:00am. Crash into bed.

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