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Had a bit of a death match after work today. We played Quake 2 which I haven't played in years.. it was a total blast from the past, remembering maps and weapons not used since Unreal came out. My weapon of choice is the rail gun. We saw a BFG in one map but couldn't remember how to get to it. I used to be much more accurate on the rail gun because it takes so long to reload. The sniper rifle in unreal is much quicker so I've gotten out of practise of shooting accurately. And there's no alternate fire in quake! It's a pity the bots are so bad in quake 2, otherwise I'd probably play it at home by myself, although there's nothing like shooting your work colleagues (even though they shoot me more than I shoot them! - I did win one map tonight though).

Have been tracing cables and doing pretty pictures of our server room in visio in the winddown to Christmas at work. Trying to get everything organised just so we can muck it up again and play musical servers with DR rooms.

I have right speaker problems. Both on my computer and attached to the stereo, they're behaving intermittently, and at the moment neither are working. Makes listening to strongly stereo things sound very strange.

Have also been looking for baked vegetable recipies to try out for Christmas. Aside from my favourite potato dish, I want to try making my own apple sauce for the roast pork, and an eggplant dish.

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