Christmas Wrapped Up

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Somewhat crazy day. Certainly busy. Lots of cooking, lots of eating.

Headed out to the parents' church first thing. Definitely going to have to get the parents to come to my church next year. Their minister is very wishy-washy, hardly referring directly to the bible at all. And he has this thing for non-traditional Christmas songs, which are nowhere near as good as the classics.

Raced home to finish cooking lunch. Left the pork on a bit too long (put it on before church), but it was either that or have lunch at 3pm. Aside from that, managed to coordinate everything else and had plenty of yummy veggies, scrummy meat, home-made apple sauce and perfectly crispy crackling. But after all the nibbles we ate before lunch I couldn't finish my lunch and put the leftovers in a doggy bag for later :)

Also decided that the Christmas present idea I had is just *wrong*, on just about every level. Suggested going back to normal next year. Although I think the mother thinks she can get out of it cheaper by doing it this way, or kris kringle (how do you spell that?). *sigh*

I was going to watch a dvd tonight, or sort out some of my videos, but a video stopped as the Hunt for Red October was starting and I couldn't seem to tear myself away from it. Love that movie. Will watch the end and crash (not much sleep last night)

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