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So today we had our office Christmas BBQ. Somehow I ended up organising the whole thing.. probably because I'm the only girl around while Jodi's away. blah! Tips for next year: don't forget sauces, nibblies for before lunch, more serving dishes/implements, and containers for leftovers.

We found a very pleasant spot, although unfortunately the bbqs were a couple of hundred metres away, and being used, so we couldn't keep an eye on them to make sure noone else would come along to use them. So a couple of people went back to work and picked up a bbq to use from there. That worked really well, and we had a great spot with lots of shade, lots of space to play cricket and soccer, and lots of seating. All in all I think the afternoon went fairly well.

Came home via the post office and picked up a couple of boxes of lego. Gonna have lots of fun building it all :) And going to try and convince the dude that sold it to me that overcharging me $46US on postage is not on.

Just had dinner. I kinda forgot before because I wasn't hungry after such a big lunch :)

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