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Having a rather Alan Rickman/Harry Potter weekend.. Die Hard on Thursday, Azkaban last night and Philosopher's Stone (on telly) tonight. It's amazing the difference two years makes to all the kids. The TV version of the Philosopher's Stone has a few of the extra scenes put in that I'm not used to seeing on the dvd version. They're buried in the special features, or at least some of them are. Argh they're playing scenes on telly that I'm sure aren't on the dvd at all! Have never seen some of them!

I had a go at making peppermint chocolates today. The problem with adding peppermint essence to molten chocolate is that it makes it go gluggy and you can't pour it into moulds. So I did two separate batches, putting the peppermint essence into only one, then dolloping it into half poured moulds and filling in around with the nicer chocolate, so I'll have peppermint centered chocolate at least. I mixed up all the leftovers which was just runny enough to pour into a remaining mould. Tip: work in direct sunlight on a metal sink - it keeps the chocolate warm and molten while you're fiddling about :)

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