It never rains but it pours

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Have mostly cleaned up the mess on the file server. Still going to have to clean up the corrupt files, either by another chkdsk, or wiping the partition and starting again. Then we have to figure out the raid problems. I'm fairly certain it was the ultra 320 interface. So far no incidents now that we've gone back to the ultra 160 card. Not to mention the backups are now running at a full gig/minute, as opposed to ~650mb/minute with the 320 card. I think we should send Dell an invoice for total lost productivity. My boss had to face a "please explain" from the powers that be. It wasn't too bad, they just wanted to know what went wrong and what we were doing to make sure it didn't happen again. I felt really bad for him though.

But just to keep my disasters in perspective.

weather silliness

Disaster 1. Australia's weather. We've been in drought all year, and today there was so much rain that whole towns have been completely flooded.


Disaster 2. An Aeroperu flight crashed in 1996 because a maintenance worker taped up the static ports while cleaning the plane and forgot to remove the tape. The ports are used to monitor flight speed and altitude, and the pilots were getting all sorts of errors, and eventually crashed into the sea because they didn't know how high they were. 70 people died. This was the second episode of Air Crash Investigations I've seen - fascinating show. Last week they had an airbus that ran out of fuel due to a fuel leak, and glided 100 miles over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and landed safely in the Azores. Freaky stuff!


soss said:

wow ...what a cool pic of Australia!

October 23, 2004 7:48 AM


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