Hey, where'd my weekend go?!

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I blinked and missed it somehow.

Raid array lost disks *twice* over the weekend. Going to be complaining bitterly to dell tomorrow.

The baby kribs are getting bigger. Some of them have fairly distinct horizontal bands on them now. Although they've gone very skittish and won't come up and eat out of my fingers anymore :(

Went to the parents for dinner... mmmmm roast pork and crackling.. food doesn't get any better than that.. :):):):) David came too and we played a game of 500 (Dad and Dave won - doh :) )

I also suggested my idea of getting Christmas presents for ourselves rather than for each other and then bringing those to Christmas day so everyone else could see what we got. Mum completely loved the idea. Dad doesn't care, not sure what David thinks. It seems a little wrong somehow, as the whole idea of Christmas presents is about giving to *others*, but practically speaking, we can all get something that we really want, and say it was from the family, end up spending the same amount of money, and not have to go through the hassle of trying to find something the others would like (which more often than not we have to ask each other what we want anyway). So anyway, we'll see how we go.

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