Documentation, the root of all evil

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"The only thing worse than creating/maintaining documentation is not creating/maintaining documentation"

Tried to match up with actual group membership with documented group membership today. It turned out to be a several hour marathon cleaning up all the mistakes made mostly by other people. But at least I got it done in the end and the main culprit is going to be away for a while so I should be able to completely redo the "system" so that mistakes will be a lot harder to make in the future. Unfortunately I can't think too much about that at this stage - have six days left to get this server ready.

And then Vic decides he wants the Host1 pricing redone by October 1. Arghh! It wouldn't be so bad, except that the directory where all the pricing forms are is full of old crap, old forms, backup forms, old scripts and just crap that I don't know if it's even active or not. So now I essentially have to completely sort through the whole site and try and figure out what's active and what can be "archived".

It's going to be a very long week :/

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