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Got a thorough workout today. Am going to hurt tomorrow for sure!

Ric called me up to see if I wanted to go rollerblading, so we did for an hour or so, then we had a go on the bunjee trampolines at Fox Studios. Never done it before, it was a blast. Was thoroughly worn out though, going rollerblading beforehand didn't help! Even managed to find two "frequent flier" cards from the trampoline lying around the carpark - one of them had four on it! Only two more to go and then I can get a free jump :):)

Ric also weirded me out by saying he didn't read this blog because he thought it was too personal !? That's the strangest reaction I've ever had to this blog. You see everyone else I know in real life that knows about this blog doesn't actually bother to read it (except Yvonne), which is why it does tend to have "everything" in it. Silly really.

Anyways, a couple of glasses of wine later and I'm ready for sleepie.

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