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Sitting at Striker's computer for this. The others have done a shop run, and with four people in the car I decided not to make it five :)

The subject of skiing came up at lunch today. Now you see before I went away I asked John if he was going skiing this year and if I could go with him. At the time he said yes. But today he said he was too exhausted to organise a trip and someone else would have to do it. This is where panic sets in, cause would leave it up to me or Jim, and we haven't discussed this at all. I have this horrible feeling that Jim will question the appropriateness of it all and won't want me to come. So now I have this scared feeling I won't get to go skiing this year after all :(:(

I saw Nina again this afternoon - she's very big now (8 months) and very cute, although seemingly not very happy. Took much effort to get any sort of smile out of her. Got some very cute movies though.

I'm also looking for someone to see I, Robot with me on Monday the 19th (won a free double pass on TripleM). Three people have already rejected me for varying reasons. I once had a similar problem getting rid of a free movie ticket. You'd never think it'd be so hard to get rid of a free movie ticket, but for me it is.

Well that was all very depressing. Hope this is not a trend. Silly because I was actually in such a good mood tonight. Maybe it was the fact that John (different John) had the music up so loud in the car on the way here that we couldn't talk. Very antisocial IMO. But anyhoo. The guys are going to be back soon, should run.

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