It's amazing how hard everything is when you're tired

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Man I was so wrecked today. Even though I had 7.5 hours sleep last night, the 4 hours on Saturday night hit hard today. It's always the day after the day after a late night that you suffer most.

Watched the only ten minutes I've seen this season of Big Brother to find out who won. Trevor apparently.

Have also been reading the website of this dude who's a paraplegic after the car he was a passenger in ran off the road due to excessive speed (it was on A Current Affair and they were interviewing him). Site is

And finally I've decided to go on somewhat of a health kick. Mainly cutting down on mail sizes and fatty/sugary snack foods. This of course will be as soon as I've finished all the food I have. I still have chocolate in the house from Christmas! And Easter. And some wonderful Fruit Parfaits that Dave gave me that I've been munching on :)

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