I'd like to order a good day please

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I've already put an order in to my boss - I want a better day tomorrow. After a gentle transition back to work, and a couple of big successes on Friday, today was a dismal failure. It all started outside of work, with the Greeks celebrating and causing havoc on the roads.

Got to work and sorted out the list of users to delete and disable. We do this every three months. But it seems that 95/98/macintosh users that don't actually log onto the domain when they logon, but merely log on locally then access network resources, do not have their lastLogon field set in Active Directory (or even lastLogonTimestamp). What this means is, when you check to see if an account has been used in the past three months, AD says it hasn't, yet the user will tell you otherwise. I even went and saw one to confirm it. So spent most of the rest of the day trying to find out if there's actually any way to find out whether domain accounts get used or not. As a consequence, I emailed 200 people, and a bunch of them whinged, and I'm too scared to actually disable the accounts because I'm not sure who I'll disconnect :(


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July 6, 2004 7:19 PM


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