FQ TOPIC: Stupidity

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I have a memory like Peter Pan for this sort of thing. I looked at these questions last night and couldn't think of any answers then. I'm not having much better luck tonight.

FQ1: Admit it, sometimes you are not the sharpest tool in the shed. What's something stupid you've done recently? (The FridayQ doesn't count!)
Gave a stack of money to a twat in Italy and believed his stories about customs delays.

FQ2: Children do idiotic things all the time because they just can't seem to help it. What's something stupid you did as a kid?
I vividly remember stealing half a dozen full sticks of chalk from school when I was in kindergarten. Of course then I had to lie about where they came from when I got home. The guilt was so powerful even then that I've never been able to lie very well ever since.

FQ3: Sometimes, being a bit of an idiot is required (or fun!). What's something stupid you will be doing in the future?
Spending ridiculous amounts of money on Lego

FQ OBSERVER: People are morons. Without naming names, what's something stupid you've seen somebody else do?
(pwd = /)
cd <some non existant directory>
rm -fr *
ok I wasn't actually in the room when it happened, but it was pretty infamous, especially on a production mail and accounting server. Fortunately he realised his mistake before it got too far through /bin

ok that took about an hour to get through.

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