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Dad and I created a whole new vocabulary while we were away.. well at least a different way of pronouncing things. One of the things was bow-ats. :) Well I went and saw John's bow-at today. It's very swishy. We didn't get to take it for a cruise though because it was so windy John was worried we'd never be able to moor it again. So we just installed an aerial and I lazed about while John cleaned the carpets. He said he'll be selling tickets for New Years on the harbour, and I think I'll be in line for one :)

I mentioned yesterday that George found my blog by entering Cory Cats .. well tonight Merv asked what a blog was, and she mentioned to the whole family at dinner that she'd found it.. could be scary if anyone goes looking for it. Some of these people I haven't told about this blog, and they may get a bit miffed if they know it's been around for a year and a half and i haven't told them. Oh well, can't be helped :)

And who put the ED toll up to $4.00 ??? What the hell is that? It cost me $7 to get to and from Mosman today. And they're talking about taking away the cash lanes altogether and just having e-tag, which is a pain considering how rarely I would use it. Might have to detour through the city next time I head out that way to avoid the $4 toll.

Much fizzling tonight, time for sleepie.

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