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FQ1: What's your favorite electronic gadget that you own? Which gadget do you wish you owned but don't?
Probably my digital camera (both of them in their own special ways). I guess I most wish for a hi-fi dvd recorder, so I can convert some of my old vhs tapes to dvds, and never have to use vcrs again.

FQ2: What gadget do you wish somebody would invent so you could have one? Which gadget do you wish had never been invented at all?
I wish someone would invent teleporters, although that wouldn't exactly be a gadget. How about wireless electricity? Dave mentioned that also, but I mentioned it first at dinner the other night, ha!

FQ3: Do you consider yourself an electronic gadget junkie? How many gadgets are around/on you right now?
I have a lot of gadget envy, but rarely go crazy myself. Not too many around my right now.. just the laptop, the digital camera, an external usb hard drive, and me mobile phone.

FQ DARE: Reveal a trendy gadget you bought, but are now embarrassed to own/have owned.
Well this wasn't exactly a gadget, and not exactly embarrassed about it, but a couple of years ago when I was in DC, I needed to get an alarm clock. On Sundays though that city is *dead*, and I spent all day looking, but all I could find was an overpriced piece of plastic crap made in China, that they were trying to sell for $8US. That was $16AUD at the time! For something was worth literally about 50c. Then after I got it, I found the motel did wakeup calls anyway. *sigh*

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