Which way is up?

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street with tree Naked Street

I'm just not sure anymore.

The sad.. they finally cut down the Moreton Bay Fig tree today. In 9 hours the entire thing was reduced to saw dust. Except for a few seed pods which I've planted. Does anyone know how to raise fig tree seedlings? The entire street looks *naked* without the tree's gracious presence.

The happy.. got my four mosaic sets from Dennis (yayy).. except the first one I built (the tiger) was missing a bunch of black pieces. Looks like the box may have been opened at some point, maybe by customs, but looks like one little bag of 90 pieces is not there. Oh well, bricklink to the rescue I guess.

Thoroughly useless patch training day today (ironic, considering the timing of it, and the sasser worm).

Midnight.. one more night without sleeping...


paul said:

what a shame about the tree ... you are right it does look naked now doesnt it!

May 4, 2004 8:11 PM


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