wow I made cold fusion work somewhere!!

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After ghosting the new webserver so I could go back to it as necessary, I installed Cold Fusion MX 6.1. Clean install. I didn't install RDS straight away because I wanted to go look up the password. So this left me with the exact same problem I had when I did it at home - an IO error when looking up the datasources. Turns out this error is linked to RDS. Sigh. Then I find the instructions to reenable RDS aren't even correct. (well my web.xml file doesn't have the exact line they mention). More sighing. I think I managed to reenable it. It still doesn't actually let me browse for files, but it doesn't give me the error.

So then I tried to find some sample code, which I put into a cfm file, and astoudingly enough, it actually worked!!! The little script looked up the datasource and returned each entry of the database. I couldn't believe it. Looks like we'll be able to go ahead with our migration after all.

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