It's a Sony!

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I am very excited at the moment - I have a new toy! :) A Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F828 digital camera. Luc got it for me today, which was days earlier than I was expecting it. Gave an excited squeal and raced out to pick it up :):)

Of course the first thing I had to was extricate it from the box, plug in the battery, plug in the memory stick, figure out how to turn it on, set the date, and ask for volunteers to be in the first photograph. Vic volunteered, so here he is, in the first photo taken on the camera.

The chromatic abberration talked about in reviews is there, but not too severe. Macro focussing capabilities could be problematic. Have to do some more testing on that one. Nightshot mode is very cool - active infrared lamp to take photos in total darkness. Manual zoom will take some getting used to, as will all the controls. Plugged it into the tv and played pictures straight onto the tv which worked perfectly. Actually I plugged it into one of the vcrs, so you could video tape your photos if you wanted :)

Now I need a spare battery, and lots more memory :)

Oh, and I'll need to write a perl script or similar to put a datestamp in the file name. My Olympus C900zoom very politely put the date and month in its file names. I'll have to write something that puts 20040429- or something similar in front of the file names to keep everything in proper order.

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