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I'm starting to crash. Getting to bed late, then not being able to get to sleep, then waking up early is all taking its toll. Not to mention being so "high" for the past two weeks, I'm sure I've screwed up my serotonin cycle somehow. Should eat some bananas.

I got well and truly April Fooled today. Triple M spent a very elaborate morning detailing how Sydney was going to host the swimming events for the Olympics because Athens simply hadn't got its act together. They had Australian swimming icon Laurie Lawrence on air talking about it, and even the premier Bob Carr was saying how wonderful it was going to be for Sydney. Then I got to work, and my boss had been listening also and we were talking about how cool it would be. I actually went and looked at the Sydney Morning Herald website for more details, but there was nothing there, I assumed this was because it was still breaking news. It wasn't until late this afternoon when I checked the website again and there was nothing there that it suddenly dawned on me that maybe I'd been fooled. I was comforted by the fact that Jim had been fooled also :) On the way home I heard a recap of the morning's events, and apparently half the announcers had been fooled also, it was only when one of the Olympic swimmers rang up and explained that it was a hoax that they got it. I had missed that part unfortunately!

I also had a very weird feeling of jealousy this afternoon reading JI fan pages. There are women out there who are far bigger fans than me, and have been fans for much longer. I feel like I've been missing out on something all these years.

Not at all hungry. Had a huge lunch. Very sleepie. Going to read Chamber of Secrets some more, watch ER and go to bed methinks.

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