And I thought I was tired on Saturday night

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That was nothing on how I'm feeling now. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! Thinking about taping 24 and just going to bed.

Last night went to a friend's birthday party which was lots of fun. Little bit of drinking and lots of dancing, and didn't get to bed til after 3am :) Of course, I can't sleep in past 9am, so didn't end up getting much sleep. Another nothing day. ie, got nothing done. Except for washing the sheets and towels. yay. And a lot of reading and looking up photos and reviews for my new camera. Definitely decided to go ahead with the Sony DSC F828.

I also watched last week's Blue Heelers, which they televised live. I've never actually watched an episode of Blue Heelers before, but thought this would be interesting watching. They had a making-of special beforehand, which was fascinating. The show itself looks like it went off without too many mistakes.. certainly none that I noticed anyway. It didn't have quite the same "live" feel to it watching it from video tape, I would like to have watched it live, but I was out. Oh well. It's on the tape after The Godfather part II, which I'll have to keep until I ever get around to seeing part I, so I may watch the episode again one day.

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