My images are being stolen!!

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Dave commented on a similar problem on his site whereby people were not just stealing his photos, but actually linking directly to the images on his site, and thereby stealing his bandwidth. Well it seems the same thing has happened to me here

I posted a comment to her blog, I wonder if she'll take it down ;)


paul said:

why not replace the pic with something nasty! or a "stolen picture" type text message .. that might do the trick!

March 13, 2004 11:05 PM


kazza said:

lol yeah that's what Dave considered doing.. I'll see what she does first.. I don't really want to have to start renaming my files and redoing html tho :(

March 13, 2004 11:26 PM


Dave2 said:

I eventually solved the problem by enabling "Hotlink Protection" (which is what my ISP calls their automated system for generating ".htaccess" files). You might want to see if your ISP has something similar.

March 14, 2004 1:43 AM


kazza said:

yah I saw that :)

I actually am my own ISP in this situation - the photos are on which is a Pentium 166 running NT4 and IIS. :) It's on my old desktop computer and at least it's being used for something useful rather than being thrown out.

I had a quick look on google for hotlink protection for IIS but haven't looked into it fully. At the moment it's not really an issue.

March 14, 2004 2:36 AM


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