Gave up waiting

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Tree in building 2004

Got sick of waiting for "friends" to go swimming with (don't even get me started on that rant) so after a day of 35C heat I decided to go by myself. It was absolutely delicious. Even managed to get all my hair up out of the way so it didn't get all sticky.

My "position" at cia is looking ever more shaky. They're looking for a person to take over the nt admin role, which would take away most of my reason for being :(

I happened to get stuck in the bus lane on Fitzroy St today, and there also happened to be an easy parking spot, so I made a split second decision to stop and take another photo of the desperate tree. Normally there are no parking spots there, and even if there are I'm usually in the wrong lane to stop. So anyway. It really hasn't grown at all in two years..

Think I'm going to leave Rove early and go to bed.

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