whaddya mean there's no friday five??

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I have no other inspiration for this entry, I was counting on the Friday Five for something to post. damned flipping. The only alternative is to whinge about crap like people pissing me off and being home alone on a Friday night. sigh.

Just finished watching Good Will Hunting. ok movie. Switched over to Armageddon. Utterly ridiculous movie. Yet somehow I find myself watching it every time it's on. hrm. And two Ben Affleck movies in a row.

Was quite amazed at the response to my first Theme Thursday entry.. I haven't had that many unique posts in ages.. if ever! Thanks everyone.

While I'm on it.. check out the Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics page for Armageddon. Very cool site.


Dave2 said:

I was also looking forward to the Friday Five. I ended up making my own F5 by getting a random list of ideas from Blog Ideas... feel free to hop on over to my blog and steal them! There's not really a theme to them (since they are randonly chosen!) but it's better than nothing!

February 28, 2004 1:26 AM


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