We 0wNz J00!!

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A week ago Jim mailed the staff list and said "we're setting the domain password policy to expire passwords next week, change your password this week to avoid being forced to do it next week when you login on Monday." Of course, a decent chunk of people completely ignored him, and this morning had all sorts of weird and wonderful issues trying to log onto their computers. Sometimes it wouldn't accept old passwords, sometimes the new passwords just wouldn't work, sometimes people weren't even logging onto the domain, so couldn't change their passwords, they just lost access to domain resources. Now if these lusers had just taken the time to read Jim's email they could have avoided the chaos that ensued today. We were all running around like crazy just to get people logged onto their computers. But you can never tell these sorts of people. *sigh*

The upshot of all of this is that we now have forced everyone to change their crappy passwords that they've had for years and no amount of asking/pleading was going to get some people to change them. With the move to active directory and a new security policy being developed centrally, it was a good a time as any to start tightening things up a bit globally. Now these people have no excuses, because everyone else had to the same day also.

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