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1970 - my parents got married
1980 - Crossfire was born
2004 - I turned 30.5

Had another frustrating day *doing* stuff but not getting anything *done*. Even though I've thrown out a couple of piles of stuff, I feel like all I've managed to achieve is to rearrange everything a bit.

I found a bunch of cool stuff today while sorting everything out - like Jim's masters thesis, brought home among a big pile of recyclable one-sided paper; lots of clippings and articles on my obsessions of the late eighties - David Bowie, 1927, Batman among the highlights; countless song lyrics I wrote out longhand, or typed up myself as typing practise when I was learning to type in second year uni (before the internet took off in a big way and song lyrics were a mere google click away). In those days the only way to get song lyrics and find info on popstars was in magazines such as "Smash Hits". Now I don't even bother to collect printed matter - partly because I'm not as obsessive as I once was ;) and partly because everything is just so easy to get to on the internet. It's probably also the reason I don't collect browser bookmarks anymore either. Except for the sites I visit regularly it's quicker to do a new search than it is to find a link in a big bookmark file.

I'm just watching the "director's cut" of Gladiator on channel 10. It's definitely censored somewhat, with some of the more gruesome shots cut short, but it also has a few extra scenes that aren't in the dvd version (unless I've missed them buried in the special features somewhere). .. ah yes, they're buried on disc 2 of the dvd.

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