Shoulda stood in bed

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I shoulda stood in bed today. I was contemplating taking the day off, but decided I had too much work to do. So I went in, but I really should have stayed home, as I didn't achieve a single thing, except to frustrate myself over microsoft. For example, how the f@#% do you do a dump of all the users in all the groups in AD? Dumpsec used to do it nicely in NT4 but doesn't seem to work in AD. That and other questions remained unanswered because while there may be a wealth of information out there on AD, sifting through it to find specific answers has overwhelmed me.

I did, however, find this little gem here:

"Group Policies can be used to define which programs are to be installed on which computers. This can be done by department, with web development getting Photoshop and Flash, sales getting Outlook and Excel, and technical support getting Quake."

Almost made my day worthwhile ... nahhhhh

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