Get home, have dinner, go to bed

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Or in this case, have dinner, go home, go to bed. Stoopid problem at work kept us late and in the end we didn't even solve it. Sux when that happens. At least if you can make something work after a couple of hours it's not so bad because you know you've achieved something. But as it was, the change we made had to be rolled back because the two servers in question wouldn't talk to each other anymore. blah.

At least I made one thing work today - got active directory to force out connections to our sus server.

I was thinking of doing a tech support sub-blog at one stage. I'd put up any of the errors/problems that I came across on a given day, and I what I did to solve them. I'm sure hits would go through the roof (I used to get quite a few referrals on "an error in updating your system has occurred"). The only problem is, I'd have to revisit work at home, and that really wouldn't be a lot of fun. Maybe one day I'll get off my butt and do it.

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