Outsourcing should be Outlawed

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Tuesday night our air conditioner dies. 6am Wednesday morning I get in an open up the room to ventilate it. 8am Wednesday morning I get onto Discount Air who have the support contract to look after our air conditioner. 9:30am they come and have a look and decide it's a problem with the soft-start mechanism. They promise to fax Mitsubishi with a request to have it looked at. In the meantime we hire a small portable air conditioner from Kennards. This one keeps cutting out so they swap it for us. Heading into night two with no air-con, and the little one is only barely coping, but at least it's not getting ridiculously hot.

3pm *Thursday* some other company (not Discount Air and not even Mitsubishi) call me to say "we're coming Tuesday, is that ok?" Like, "*NO*! This is our server room, can't you come today??" So they say they'll come Friday at 7am. Night three of no air-con, but this time the building air conditioning stays on til 10pm and again the temperature doesn't get too out of control.

So 7am Friday (actually 7:30 by the time they get around to calling me because the building is locked at that hour), this fourth party outsource mob turn up. They bypass the "soft start" and so the unit gets power. The fans start up. But the compressor does not. So the dude says, well I can't fix it, I'll need to get a new compressor from Mitsubishi. How long will that take? Well I'll put a fax request through, it should be Tuesday or Wednesday - they don't have any spare compressors in stock in Sydney.

So how ridiculous a setup is this?? In an ideal world, if we have a problem with our air conditioner, we should be able to call up Mitsubishi and they can get a techie out, have the parts in the same city, and be able to fix it the same day. But no, we have to jump through hoops with two different *other* companies to get them to fix it, and with any luck it'll be fixed within a week. All credit to Discount Air for coming so quickly after we called them, but what's the point if they're not able to fix it? The whole business model of oursourcing has to be about the biggest disaster for customer service there is.

In the meantime, we hired (at our own expense because Mitsubishi doesn't cover it, even though our aircon is under warranty) a kick-ass portable aircon that's keeping the room as cool as the mounted one would.


paul said:

I understand where you are comming from.. HP used to be fantastic... 4 hour response usually meant 4 hours, on the dot , with parts shipped to site before they arrived. Alas.. those days are now gone forever!

January 24, 2004 2:19 AM


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