I like traffic lights

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ok I have not heard that song in 13 years. In fact I didn't even remember it existed until just now, as I was cleaning out a drawer, and found the lyrics that my brother had written out for me :)

So I've rearranged my study yet again to fit in the filing cabinet. But in the process I decided not to put things back into the shelves/drawers unless I had a good reason for keeping them. All was going well until I got to all the letters I'd gotten from penpals, and then to a collection of "letters" that Jacqui and Chris and I used to write to each other on the outlines in church. I only read bits of a few of them, but they had all sorts of miscellaneous crap on them, including talk about boyfriends and people I might ask to the year 12 formal. I know I should just throw them out, but just think of all the memories I wouldn't be able to dredge up if I did that.. hehe

I also dug out my music books from when I had keyboard lessons in primary school, and worked pretty much all the way through it in a couple of hours! Then got totally frustrated because the chord keys listed were different to another book I have, so I have no idea which is correct. Must ask Sami.


Yvonne said:

WHAT! you haven't heard Dave singing it to himself all the time?? Where have you been. At the volume he sings it, I'm surprised you don't hear it in Sydney. :D

January 30, 2004 6:24 PM


kazza said:

Yeah I'm surprised too hehe :)

January 30, 2004 10:14 PM


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