A very long weekend

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Superman logo lego mosaic

It's hard to believe I started our active directory upgrade just a day and a half ago. It feels like about a week ago.

The upgrade went ok, although it could have been better. We had some wierd issues with dns that I didn't get in my test domain, so ended up having to put dns on the server we were upgrading rather than leaving it on the member server, and then move it across later. And DHCP stopped working when we upgraded the member server it was on, because it turns out you need to authorise dhcp servers in the domain. I didn't have dhcp setup in the test domain, because that would have just confused matters at the time. But at least that was an easy fix. We only had to go back to earlier ghosts once in the day, and managed to work our way around the other problems.

After work, went over to Chris' where a BBQ for his ex flat-mate's girlfriend was in full swing. Had some wine and relaxed for a few hours before getting home very late.

This morning in church, I burst into tears when someone killed a huntsman spider that was wandering around during the break. Sad I know to get that upset over a spider. I don't even *like* spiders.

This afternoon I wasted time drooling over lego and reading Eric Harshbarger's site some more. Didn't get any of the cleaning done that I needed to. Then George picked me up and we took the kids to the fair and went on plenty of rides. Well, they did, George and I mostly just watched. Although I did get lots of goes on the big slippery dip taking Rachel down, and got to drive a dodgem car. Haven't done that in years.

Then Sunday night dinner got moved to Luc and Lizzi's. Was feeling grumpy though, and I'm not sure why. I always seem to get grumpy when I go to their place for dinner.

Finally, almost time for bed. Just need to wash my hair and my lunch plate. blah.

btw, the Superman logo above is my first ever lego mosaic. I built it from sight off the logo on the DVD, so it's not exactly to scale. But I think it turned out fairly well. It's whet (sp?) my appetite for making more mosaics .. but need a *lot* of bricks if I'm going to do it properly!

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