Is today over yet?

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Harry Potter minifigs.jpg

Took this cool photo of some Harry Potter minifigs today. How cute are they? I want to get one of every character.

I managed to get all the printers setup on our new print server except for one, which doesn't have 2003 drivers, and I can't get xp or 2000 drivers to work with it either. It also happens to be a printer that the guys have spent *ages* on trying to make it work in the first place. It's a toshiba, and has caused no end of troubles since the day they bought it. We sit and curse the people that go out and just buy a printer without asking us first. Most of the printers around are HP, with some Xerox. The ones that tend to give us the most troubles are the dodgy-brothers printers like the toshiba, a danka, etc.

I finished the Belgariad tonight. The ending was a nice tie-up of an epic story. I'm sure Sami will be wanting to lend me the Malloreon next :)

There are still quite a few angel eggs. I now have another tank for them to breed in :) This tank has been passed around quite a bit, and now I have it. I still have no idea where I'm going to put the darned thing though, I'm running out of floor/wall space.

It's late.

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