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23 hours ago I was at drinks at the Corro which was meant to be a reunion of the previous batch of support guys. As it turned out, all three of them piked at the last minute. onya guys. not.

6 hours ago I was on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which was fabulous. Although we nearly got blown off - it was blowing an absolute gale. Fortunately it didn't rain, that would have been pretty miserable. Thanks to George for letting me have her ticket.

1 hour from now I'm meant to be at a Christmas party for work. But only one of the guys from our office is going that I know about (well my boss might be also, but he doesn't count cause he doesn't talk to me in social situations), plus being my wonderful partnerless self, and given that this stoopid party is in Mosman, which is a useless place to get to, means I have to drive, by myself, which means no drinking, and I don't think I could face spending the night there with a bunch of people that I really have nothing in common with without at least a decent mugfull of eggnog to keep me going. And have I ever mentioned that I *hate* going places by myself at the best of times?

The alternative is a video night at Striker's, but I'm feeling too depressed about everything to even be bothered with that (sorry Striker). My place looks like a bomb's hit it; I've basically not been home for the past two and a half weeks. The cockroaches, even with me not leaving food around for weeks, live off the sticky gum used to seal envelopes, and who knows what else, and are just as abundant as ever.

So I can go out and get stressed out, or stay home and get depressed. Great choice.


paul said:

I know exactly how you feel... <comfort hug>

December 7, 2003 7:22 PM


kazza said:

ta for the hugs
I turned your greater/less thans into ascii codes so the hug didn't disappear into a html tag

December 7, 2003 11:04 PM


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