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In preparation for tomorrow's office move, I was cleaning out my desk/drawers of crap so I could file stuff I hadn't filed in months. I started with a filing cabinet drawer that had been accumulating stuff since 1997. Plenty of memories were dredged up about the various projects I've done over the years, server info, schools support, project work, network diagrams, web design, etc etc. Had a lot of fun giggling over some of the earlier work I did and had completely forgotten about, like a complete audit I did of the computers in a couple of the units we support. Not too many of those computers would even exist anymore.

We've chucked out a lot of old computers, mostly pentiums, but the odd PII as well. We dumped a whole stack of dead stuff outside our door in the hopes that someone would steal it. Noone has.

So I guess I'm not *completely* hopeless - as in my last post on the topic of throwing things out where I just couldn't do it - I actually chucked out a pretty decent percentage of the stuff I had in that drawer.

Still not looking forward to moving tomorrow though :(

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