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My todo list is still out of control.

Not helped by a blackout in Glebe during UPS maintance at the exchange, meaning all cia's servers crashed in a heap, and chasing people to make sure gamera was rebooted and all it's services were working. This was after a day and a half battle with a $#!%load of "bounced" spam sending the mail server's queue through the roof. Campbell and Daniel have spent two days fighting with it trying to keep it under control so that mail can be processed for customers. It's basically been one disaster after another, and Campbell is understandably, totally over it.

Then, after shopping, went to my parent's place for me little brother's birthday dinner. Had a couple of fun games of 500 afterwards - including one game, where the first call of the game was to Dad and he called Open Misere. He won it, and so I won a game without even playing a card. In fact the game was declared won on the second round of play, when it was decided that noone would be able to beat him. Funny stuff. David was declared the loser of the night after losing the three games he played.

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