Damned tax

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Spent most of the night tonight trying to figure out my tax. It was all straightforward except the NRMA shares which I sold - it's all a big mess and there's no examples anywhere. Think I may have to call the ATO tomorrow and beg for help.

Being so caught up in all that I forgot I needed to patch all my servers this weekend. I'm tempted to wait a few more days in case there's any problems with the patches. But then it would be just my luck to have a worm come out before I patched them all.

Caught up with Carl last night for dinner which was pretty cool. We're organising another drinks night at the Coro in a couple of weeks.

Watching "Coyote Ugly" at the moment. It was pretty much the only half decent movie we got to see on the plane to America a few years ago.

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