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I don't think I've actually achieved anything this week.

So far I've spent two days battling with a server that first had a cd-rom die, then when it was fixed under warranty they managed to break the floppy in the process.

Then there was another battle with a dlink modem router. I could get it to work on the internal side, but could not make it talk to the outside world. I even spent an hour in the tech support queue to find out if it could even be done on our network or if it had to be on the end of a dsl or cable connection (the manual wasn't terribly clear about it). Decided that it should in fact work, however still couldn't make it, so the dude said it should be looked at for a warranty repair. Before I sent it off I just thought I'd give it a try in another network point. It worked. Much cursing was involved. So then I took it to another point. It wouldn't work. Much scratching of head involved. Then it dawned on me (with some help from my boss): Duplexing. The damned thing doesn't support a forced 100mb full duplex link. Much more cursing involved.

In other news, David Bowie says he'll be coming to oz in February!! woohoo!!

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