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1. "The Munsters" or "The Addams Family"?
The Addams Family. I used to think Morticia was so sexy, and I hung out for them to show her and Gomez actually kiss
2. "The Sopranos" or the "Godfather" movies?
Never seen either
3. "The Jetsons" or "Lost in Space"?
Never seen the Jetsons, only saw a few episodes of Lost in Space, including the same episode twice several years apart
4. "Superman" or "Batman" (either the TV shows or the movies)?
Batman, Michael Keaton, 1989
5. "Sex & The City" or "Friends"?
All the characters in Friends annoy the hell out of me. Sex in the City is more interesting, but I've only seen a few episodes
6. "The Wizard of Oz" or the "Harry Potter" movies?
Harry Potter hands down
7. "The Simpsons" or "King of the Hill"?
Never seen King of the Hill
8. "Grease" or "Saturday Night Fever"?
9. Old prime-time soaps: "Dallas" or "Dynasty"?
Never seen them
10. Not very thought-provoking this you prefer TV shows or movies?
Each have their own good points

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