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2:24am. Whoops. I'm going to be tired at work tomorrow! er, today ;)
Was it worth it? <sheepish grin> yeah :)

That is one damned long book to read in a weekend, especially considering what a slow reader I am. It took a while to really get going (although some good scenes near the beginning) and there were a few scenes that really just added length but not a lot of meaning to the story. But the imagery was fantastic and the story impressive. You wouldn't want to read this without having read the others first, most of the things that happen (from the major themes to trivial things such as the Marauder's map) would be meaningless otherwise. I remember in the second one she went to the trouble of reexplaining things like Quidditch, but this one had no such filler. The ending doesn't leave you hanging nearly so much as the Goblet of Fire did, which is good, as I only had a six month wait until this one, it'll be a good couple of years before book 6 comes out :)

I'm aching all over though - neck from hanging over the book, and arms from propping myself up, as I took alternate positions. The things we do, hey?

Well anyways, I'm off to bed, night :)


CC said:

I just wrote the same comment on my site...

OMG! You finished it! *Jaw drops*!

June 23, 2003 11:21 AM


kazza said:

yup :)
I didn't want to have it spoiled by anyone, so decided to read it completely before anyone had the chance :)

June 23, 2003 7:49 PM


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