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You know it's a little scary when your uncle who lives on the other side of the world finds your blog.. hehehe
well ok it's not that scary, he knew about the domain name when I first got it, maybe he went to it by chance? Maybe he'll respond to this post and tell me how he came by it :)

Barely anyone I know in real life knows about this blog. I've deliberately not told them about it. And I'm not really even sure why. It's not like I ever post anything earth shattering here. shrug

Anyways, must be about bed time. Gonna enjoy a lovely sleepin tomorrow.. unless the phone rings early of course..


Jay said:

Odd, isn't it? When people you know find your site. I have a co-worker that stumbled onto mine a few years ago via the link from a mutual on-line friend. I wouldn't have thought much about it except it was when I first started yakking about more personal things, so I quit blogging for about 9 months. I nearly had heart failure last month when my site tracker named the URL for my company until I found it was a random hit from one of the offices in Russia and not more locally.

I stll don't share the fact that I have a blog with anyone. I get most of my hits via JC's link or Brenda's links. I'd rather remain in such a small unobscure on-line community.

I'll be interested to see how far your blog spreads through your family. I could probably cope with one of my sister finding me, but anything more extended than that would give me the heebeegeebees. HAHA

G'day, Kiddo.

May 30, 2003 9:35 AM


kazza said:

My brother's the most likely person to find it (given that I actually have a quiet link to it on my other homepage.. :) )

I'm also trying to take JC's advice and not posting too much whinging about work and other people I know.. you never really know when someone's going to come across themselves and get upset by what you say about them :) (I stupidly flamed an ebay user once and they found themselves on a google search - freaky really)

May 30, 2003 8:12 PM


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