Weekend movie marathon continues

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Matrix Reloaded

I finally got around to seeing the Matrix Reloaded today. Not too bad. Had heard a couple of "it was a bit disappointing" reviews, so didn't expect too much from it. Had to see it alone, as I had a single Greater Union voucher which needed to be used before 5pm today, and I didn't have any other movies left that I wanted to see. Another day, another stoopid shopping centre parking setup.

Spent most of the day at my nana's house. She's moved into a hostel and the contents of her house are up for grabs to all the kids and grandkids. Got a bunch of tupperware and some food. Among the goodies are some icing sugar (unopened) with a use by date of November 97, and some golden syrup (also unopened) with a use by date of April 94. :)

It's pretty scary just how much stuff is there (and how much history). I have to remind myself to not get old, or at least clear out clutter every so often so whoever has to clean out my house when I die doesn't end up just throwing everything out.


JC said:

I'm always first in line to help clean out an older family members house in a situation like that. Not that I enjoy it when someone dies or the like, but I have several mementos of family members that i keep, like Aunt Alva's teapot that my siter covets every time she visits, my granpap's ice cream scooper, a picture frome from here, and widget from there... it's how I keep the memories alive.

June 2, 2003 6:10 AM


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