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Church, mothers day stuff, dinner at Alan and Marylon's
Suddenly the weekend is over.

I did get a chance to climb the jacaranda tree at my nana's place for probably the last time ever. We used to climb it all the time when were kids, but now nana is moving out of her house so my brother and I climbed it once more for old time's sake. I found it rather more difficult than I last remember it being. I haven't decided if this is because there are significantly less lower brances (= foot holds) than in previous years, or that I'm more worried now about falling out, or that I just don't have the confidence anymore. At any rate, it was a lot harder, but still no less enjoyable.

Jacaranda trees have to be among the best trees for climbing, with their twisting branches (those big maples(?) with all their horizontal branches are also good, you can go really high in those).

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